8 Alcorn Street, Bowral, NSW 2576


If you require emergency services outside of business hours, please phone our after-hours service on (02) 4862 2911.

What To Do In An Emergency?

Firstly, try to prevent further injury to yourself or other people, as well as your pet.

Emergencies are given first priority, whether you have an appointment or not. We highly recommend that you phone the clinic first, so that we can make sure a vet is available when you get here and to advise you on what you should do.

When Should You Call For Emergency After Hours Help?

Ultimately it is your decision, however below are a few situations we would consider to be an emergency.

If your pet:

  • Is having difficulty breathing
  • Has lost consciousness
  • Is bleeding uncontrollably
  • Is having sustained seizures (greater than five minutes) or repeated seizures
  • Has ingested snail bait, rat bait or any other poison
  • Has been in labour for more than two hours and has not delivered a puppy or kitten in that time
  • Has any problem that you think could be life-threatening
  • Has a problem that is causing him/her significant pain or distress

In these circumstances, please contact us through our emergency number. We are then able to provide you with directions.

Injured Wildlife

Please contact WIRES if you require assistance with injured wildlife.

Phone: 1300 094 737


You can also bring the injured animal in to the practice to be tended to.

Alcorn Street Vet Clinic offers a complete veterinary service for small animals in the Southern Highlands. With combined industry experience of more than 50 years, our dedicated vets are able to offer expert advice and caring consultations. Let us help you give your pet the best care possible for a long and happy life together.